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        Amiron Machinery
        Buying & Selling Used Machines and Surplus Equipment
        Phone: +1 818-441-8941 | Phone: +1 805 240 1638
        E-mail: sales@amiron.com
        Amiron machinery

        We buy used machinery for the metalworking industries. Find machine tools, such as lathe, mill, grinder, CNC HAAS Machining Centers and Turning Centers, fabricating equipment such as brakes, shears, Akyapak Plate bending rolls and angle rolls. We are continuously active buying for cash, whether it be a single machine or an entire plant.

        Call: (818) 441-8941

        Machines for sale Surplus Inventory

        We Buy Used Machinery
        In Any Condition, Location, or Price Range!

        Click To Start Selling Your Machinery Now

        Shop Our Store

        Amiron Machinery Los Angeles Specializing in buying used metalworking machinery, fabricating machinery, lathes, horizontal & vertical boring machines, presses, mills, grinders and many others. We purchase single machines, complete facilities and entire plants.  Brand New Akyapak Plate Bending Rolls and Angle Rolls.

        2005 HAAS VF-4B CNC Vertical Machining Center

        Brand New AKYAPAK Angle Rolls

        Taylor Winfield Ther-Monic Model MK II-5

        2011 TRIDENT TR 45E CNC Drilling Tapping Center

        2002 DAKE Automatic Cold Saw Model OMP EUROMATIC

        2004 Republic Lagun VMC 4824 CNC Vertical Machining Centers

        LINDBERG 16-5000 - HYEX Exothermic Gas Generator

        2004 HAAS VF-5B/40 CNC Vertical Machining Center

        2015 ITALFORNI Model TT600X
        Oven Furnace 600 C

        Bruderer 30 ton High Speed Press BSTA 30 Switzerland

        Tool Room Lathes

        Strasbaugh Model 6Y-4 Polisher 4 Spindles

        OptoTech SPK 200 CNC-D Polishing

        OptoTech SM 200
        CNC /TC-D

        BioLafitte 300 Liter Jacketed Bio Reactor

        Jeol JSM 7000F Scanning Electron Microscope

        LSL BioLafitte 250 Liter
        Jacketed BioReactor

        NETZSCH LMC60 (E)
        Grinding Media Mill

        NETZSCH LME 50
        Grinding Media Mill

        HARDINGE HSL-5C Lensmaster II
        Optical Lathe

        Vanquish ENVISIONTEC Stereo Lithography 3D Printer

        Universal Testing Machine

        American Pulverizer Type TRS 50 x 35 Tire Wood Wire Shredder

        2006 LEADWELL T-5 CNC Lathe Turning Center
        Fanuc OI Mate TC Control

        2010 KENT Table
        Surface Grinder Model KGS 1020SD

        Lepel T-20-3-DF-J-TL42 Induction Heater 20 Kw

        Bridgeport Vertical Mill Milling Machine

        Bausch & Lomb LE 2100
        Nanolab SEM

        8" Landis
        Pipe Threader

        Atlas Copco GA30
        40 Hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor

        Casadei Rimini
        Italy R32 Mk1 High Speed Pin Router

        250 HP Chopper
        Shredder Grinder

        LEESONA Model 50
        Winding machine 6 Spindles

        CORKEN Model FT291FM3FBDNSWN
        Gas Compressor

        YCM TC-36W CNC Lathe Turning Center

        CAMOGA Type CN 412 Splitter Leather Splitting Machine

        Rigaku X-ray machine

        BRANCH Denmark HPV 6 x 2.5
        Hydraulic Plate Bending Rolls

        Rota APM Vial
        Ampules Inspection
        system Type 850

        BUNDGENS Wire Cold Forming Nail Pin Machines

        Heinrich Schuemann
        Core Winding Machine Model 4010 GERMANY

        KAESER SX7 Rotary Screw
        7.5HP Air Compressor

        Per-Fil Model PF-11
        stainless steel Auger Filler

        ABI Applied Biosystems Prism 7700 Sequence Detector

        VMC Fadal 3016L CNC
        Vertical Machining Center Model 914

        2001 Takisawa Model EX-106K CNC

        Thermo Neslab HX 150 Recirculating Chiller

        Buendgens Wire
        Nail Pin Making Machines

        Universal Pantograph Model KF1 Engraver Copy Mill Engraving Machine

        560 Liter BioReactor

        2011 VIPER VT-25B CNC Lathe

        SSEC Evergreen Series II 202 Photoresist Wafer Etcher

        CLAUSING METOSA Model SM1560VS
        Smart Lathe

        Model C 450 18 x 40
        Precision Engine Lathe

        200 MHz NMR
        BRUKER ASX 200

        JEOL JSM 5200
        SEM Scanning Microscope

        Heinrich Schumann
        Lubeck Coil Winding Machine Selekta No: 230120 MADE IN GERMANY

        DATaRec GSR20 Heim Systems Ground Station Recording

        HEIM 120 Ton Model 12A.OBI.B.G.

        SS Bio Reactor with Mixer

        9" x 54" SHARP VH-2 Vertical
        Horizontal Mill Milling

        Hardinge Model Cobra
        42 CNC Lathe

        Dubuit of America Model D-150 Screen Printing Press

        Deckel FP4M CNC SERVO II Universal Milling Machine

        Fadal VMC 40 Machining Center Model 904-1 CNC

        Danobat Model CR-260 AF Horizontal Band Saw

        Ulvac Model VDN 601
        Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump

        Edwards Lyoflex 08
        Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

        KOBELCO KNW Air Compressor 250 HP

        Flanders Absolute Isolation Glove Box

        TUDA HYSAN MYLER 20" x 80" Engine Lathe

        Jones Shipman 540 Surface Grinder Magnetic Chuck 6" x 18" Grinding Machine

        Stokes Model 412H-11 Microvac Pump
        1722 Vacuum System

        54" Wide Web Slitter Rewinder Label Foil Film Converting Machine

        HELLER Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler VMT 7500

        Neslab HX 500 Recirculating Chiller

        ATLANTIC Hydraulic Notching Machine

        1000 Liter Jacketed Pressure Vessel With Mixer

        Engis Hyprez 42" Lapping & Polishing
        Machine Model 42-SLM-230-VP Down Pressure

        Baker Perkins Mixer Extruder Model LEX8

        60 Ton Hydraulic Die Cutter Clicker Press

        BIZERBA GLM-I Automatic Weighing Labeling System

        RECCO Keith Model R 333B Electric Furnace

        THERMOTRON SE-600-3-3
        Temperature Test Chamber

        Capillary electrophoresis System

        Haas HA5C-2 Dual Station 5C

        PLACO Co Ltd Machine Model HIDEN 150 Gearbox

        Ramco Monoset FM-CG-1 Tool & Cutter Grinder

        Powermatic 24" Wood Planer 5 Hp

        EEMCO Two Roll Lab Mill 6" x 13" Ceramic Rolls

        Levin Precision Watchmaker Jewelry Lathe

        MONARCH 10 EE 10" x 20" Precision Lathe

        Clausing Colchester Model 15 Engine Lathe

        HDC HDG-40 Tool & Cutter Grinder

        Hardinge CNC Lathe

        HAMMOND of KALAMAZOO OD - 2D Cylindrical Finisher

        Rivett 608 Precision Back Geared Screw Cutting Lathe

        Presstronics Reel System Bandoliers

        GROB 18" Vertical Band Saw Model 4V-18

        LAGUN FT-1 Vertical Mill Milling Machine

        PLAS LABS Model 830-ABE Glove Box

        Hardinge HLV-H EM High Precision Tool Room Lathe

        Edwards 41" Wide Roller Press

        Shanklin A-26 Automatic L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrapper & Tunnel

        TUR-63, 24" X 80" Geared Head Engine Lathe

        Associated Pacific Travelling Hydraulic Press

        Atlas Copco ZR37 60 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor

        Hydrovane 15 HP Rotary Vane Air Compressor 711-PSAS08 With Ingersoll Rand Dryer

        Oliver 260-D Heavy Duty Vintage Table Saw USA 260D

        50HP Hyplex IFB Flow WaterJet High Pressure Pump 55,000 PSI

        We are selling used lathes or any type of used metalworking machinery, from lathes, CNC lathes, Vertical lathes, vertical boring mills, machining centers, gear hobbers, Buendgens Wire Nail Pin Manufacturing Machines, Grinders, Coil Winders any Used CNC, Mazak, Mori-Seiki, Okuma, Fadal, Haas Machines, or any other types of used machinery. Amiron is a used equipment and machinery dealer in Los Angeles, California.

        We Buy & Sell Carbide, Scrap Tungsten Carbide, New & Used Inserts, Endmills, Drills & Bars

        Call: (818) 441-8941

        Ulvac VDN 601 Rotary Vacuum Pumps

        Brand New Akyapak Model AHS 30/13 4 Roll CNC Plate Roll, Variable Speed, Oil Cooler, 10ft x 5/8"

        Copyright © 2018 Amiron. All Rights Reserved.